Location      New York, NY
Size             800 sq ft
Date            2015



Proudly exclaiming in the expansive glass storefront are large block letters, M E O W, where cats nestle between each one and do what New Yorkers do best: people watching!  Meow Parlour is New York City's first cat cafe, a place where kitties roam freely while awaiting adoptions and visitors are reminded to play!  

The lounge space is defined by various seating configurations, creating different depths to the 800 square feet space. Tall counter seating is supported by a vertical maze for the cats to play hide and seek, as their visitors sip coffees. Low hexagonal tables with lasercut acrylic tops have special doors - shaped like cat heads - leading to beds, optimal for a quick cat nap.  Custom maple millwork along the main lounge space serves as seating, displays, a playful maze for the cats, and provides much needed storage.  Its 3-dimensional graphic pattern anchors the main space and adds visual focus. Details throughout were carefully considered to create a comfortable, whimsical environment for visitors and cats alike. 

The success of the space has led to over 200 adoptions, supported by their nonprofit, Kitty Kind.  Here, we embrace the idea that good design can shape how all of us interact with each other and animals!

Photos by Christa Hamilton Photography