Location     Forest Hills, NY
Size             1600 sq ft
Date            2014


Holder apartment

Located in the historic gardens of Forest Hills, NY, this clean modern interior renovation converts a spacious 2-bedroom into a 3-bedroom with a flexible home office.  In early discussions, a small request for an 'outlet for a laptop near the bed' quickly evolved into realizing that our client's work involved all hours of the day.  We created a flexible, glass enclosed office space which became central to the spatial organization, acting as a buffer between the open living/dining areas and the more private bedrooms while allowing full access during day or night.  A teak slat screen clads the office, allowing for natural light and filtered sight lines. The existing dark, narrow galley kitchen was opened up and completed with modern teak cabinetry with integrated appliances.  Two bedrooms are adjoined with a large sliding pocket door, converting the children's' bedrooms into a playroom.  Built-in cabinetry was carefully detailed throughout the apartment, optimizing much needed storage.

Photos by Christa Hamilton Photography