Location     Austerlitz, NY
Size             4000 sq ft
Date            2012
Firm            Sonya Lee, project architect
                   Toshiko Mori Architect


Austerlitz house

Located within the lush rolling hills on a 74 acre site in Austerlitz, NY, this residence sits perched above with panoramic views of the surrounding Hudson Valley and Berkshire Mountains.  The house is comprised of two intersecting volumes, which holds significance to the voids as much as its' inhabited spaces.  The large cantilever of the second floor creates a dramatic entry. The interplay between these volumes create interesting relationships between the interior and the exterior. 

The house is clad in a charred cedar called Shou Sugi Ban, a traditional Japanese technique that allows the house to at once recede and reflect in its environment.  

Photography by Michael Biondi